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Stylus is a CSS extension language. It adds variable, mixins etc to CSS files.

File Options


  • Output Path

    You can click the path to manually change the output path of the file to a custom folder or use Output Settings to adjust output path for all stylus files.

  • Auto Compile

    Enable this option to compile a file every time you save it in a code editor.

  • Sourcemap

    Enable this option to create a sourcemap (.map) file for easier debugging.

  • Autoprefixer

    Enable this option to add vendor prefixes to css. Check Autoprefixer help post to learn more.

  • Minify

    Enable this option to minify css file.

Imported Files

If you are importing a stylus file or partial from another file, the importing file is compiled whenever a imported file is saved in code editor.

@import 'b';
@import 'c.styl';
//This file is compiled whenever b.styl or c.styl is changed

Using Nib

Prepros Supports Nib out of the box. You can just import them to your project without any additional configuration.

@import "nib";

Learn more about Stylus from Stylus website