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Less is a CSS extension language. It adds variable, mixins etc to CSS files.

File Options


  • Output Path

    Click the path to manually change the output path or use Output Settings to adjust output path for all less files.

  • Auto Compile

    Enable this option to compile a file every time you save it in a code editor.

  • Sourcemap

    Enable this option to create a sourcemap (.map) file for easier debugging.

  • Autoprefixer

    Enable this option to add vendor prefixes to css. Check Autoprefixer help post to learn more.

  • Minify

    Enable this option to minify css file.

Imported Files

If you are importing a less file from another file, the importing file is compiled whenever a imported file is saved in code editor.

@import "b";
@import "c.less";
//This file is compiled whenever b.less or c.less is changed

Learn more about Less from Less website