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Haml is a whitespace sensitive HTML templating language. Prepros compiles Haml files to .html by default. Set output extension to .php in output options if you want to compile Haml files to PHP.


  • Output File

    Click the output file path to manually change it or use project wide output options to adjust output path for all Haml files.

  • Double Quotes

    Enable this option to quote html attributes with double quotes.

  • Minify HTML

    Enable this option to minify the output HTML file.

Imported Files

Prepros compiles the parent file whenever you edit an imported file. Prepros also re-scans imported files whenever you edit a file. Refresh project with CTRL+R or CMD+R to manually re-scan imported files.

    title Haml Example

// This file will compiled automatically whenever you edit b.haml

Note: Prepros doesn't support nested Haml imports.

Learn more about Haml from Haml website.