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Pug (Jade)

Pug, formerly known as Jade is a whitespace sensitive HTML templating language. Prepros supports Pug files with both .pug and .jade extensions. Prepros compiles Pug files to .html by default. You can set output extension to .php in output options if you want to compile Pug files to PHP.

Configuring Pug

You can configure Pug from Project Settings -> HTML Tools -> Pug.

Change Output Destination

Click the output file path to manually change it or use project wide output options to adjust output path for all Pug files.


Pretty option allows you to format the output HTML file with nice indentation.

Minify HTML

Minify HTML option allows you to remove whitespace and comments from the output HTML file.

Included Files

Prepros compiles the parent file whenever you edit an included file. Prepros also re-scans included files whenever you edit a file. Refresh project with CTRL+R or CMD+R to manually re-scan included files.

For instance if you have a file called a.pug with the following includes.

extends b.pug
include c.pug

Prepros will process a.pug whenever you edit b.pug or c.pug.

Learn more about Sass from Pug website.