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CoffeeScript is a whitespace sensitive scripting language that compiles into JavaScript.

Configuring CoffeeScript

You can configure CoffeeScript from Project Settings -> JS Tools -> CoffeeScript.

Change Output Destination

Click the output file path to manually change it or use project wide output options to adjust output path for all CoffeeScript files.

Source Maps

Enable the “SourceMap” option to create a sourcemap (.map) file along with the output JS file. SourceMap files allow you to debug the original CoffeeScript file instead of the output JS file while inspecting pages with developer tools.


This option allows you to add or remove the top level wrapper function.


This option allows you to add or remove “Generated By CoffeeScript” header comment in the output JS file.

Transpile with Babel

Enable this option to transpile the output JS file with Babel.

Bundle Imports & Requires

Enable this option to bundle imported JS files.

Minify JS

Enable this option to minify the output JS file with Terser.

Learn more about CoffeeScript from the CoffeeScript website.