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Getting Started with Prepros

1. Add a Project

Simply drag and drop a folder into the Prepros window to add a new project. Prepros automatically imports settings if you have a Prepros 6 configuration file inside of the folder.

2. Ignore Unnecessary Files

Prepros watches all of the files in your project folder by default, This is fine for small projects but can cause performance issues if you have a large project with a lot of files. You can ignore files and folder that do not need to be compiled and reloaded automatically by right clicking them in the file tree.

3. Open Preview

If your website consists only of static HTML files you can open Preview right away by hitting CTRL+L on Windows & Linux and CMD+L on macOS. If your website has dynamic content and requires a server such as XAMPP, Mamp, Wamp, WordPress etc. You can configure Prepros to proxy requests to an external server.

4. Start Building Your Website

Prepros will now watch your files, compile them then reload your browsers automatically. Right click the project name to open it in your favorite editor.

You can also process file manually by selecting it in the file tree then clicking the "Process File" button.