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Live Preview & Reload

Live preview allows you to preview your files in browsers. Prepros also reloads browsers automatically when any file is edited.

Opening Live Preview

1. On Local Device

Easiest way is to use the live preview icon on the left toolbar or just hit CTRL+L or CMD+L depending on your platform.

Live Preview

2. On Network Devices (Phones and Tablets)

To open live preview on a phone/tablet or other computer click the phone icon on left toolbar then scan the qr code or enter the address provided there. If a address doesn't work, try opening other addresses listed in the popup.

Network Preview

All devices must be connected to the same wifi for live preview to work.

Live Preview Settings

Go to project settings to change live preview settings.

Live Preview

Using Live Preview & Reload With Local Servers (Wordpress, Xampp, Mamp etc..)

Go to live preview settings then enable Use Custom Server option then enter the url of your local server in the Server Url field. After that, whenever you open Live Preview from Prepros; it will proxy the requests and show the contents of your custom server.

Custom Server

Important Note !!

Even after entering your custom server url, You must use the url created by Prepros for live refresh to work.

Eg: If your custom server url is `` and you have set up custom server url,
You must use Prepros url eg: `localhost:5566` for live refresh to work.