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Write your CSS rules without vendor prefixes (in fact, forget about them entirely):

div {
    display: flex

Autoprefixer will use the data based on current browser popularity and property support to apply prefixes for you.

div {
    display: -webkit-box;
    display: -ms-flexbox;
    display: flex

Change Autoprefixer Browsers

Go to Project Settings -> Other Settings -> Autoprefixer to change list of browsers that you want to support.

Browser Config Format

You can specify the versions by queries (case insensitive):

  • last 2 versions: the last 2 versions for each major browser.
  • last 2 Chrome versions: the last 2 versions of Chrome browser.
  • > 5%: versions selected by global usage statistics.
  • > 5% in US: uses USA usage statistics. It accepts two-letter country code.
  • ie 6-8: selects an inclusive range of versions.
  • Firefox > 20: versions of Firefox newer than 20.
  • Firefox >= 20: versions of Firefox newer than or equal to 20.
  • Firefox < 20: versions of Firefox less than 20.
  • Firefox <= 20: versions of Firefox less than or equal to 20.
  • Firefox ESR: the latest [Firefox ESR] version.
  • iOS 7: the iOS browser version 7 directly.
  • not ie <= 8: exclude browsers selected before by previous queries. You can add not to any query.

All queries are based on the Can I Use support table, e.g. last 3 iOS versions might select 8.4, 9.2, 9.3 (mixed major & minor), whereas last 3 Chrome versions might select 50, 49, 48 (major only).


  • Chrome for Google Chrome.
  • Firefox or ff for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Explorer or ie for Internet Explorer.
  • Edge for Microsoft Edge.
  • iOS or ios_saf for iOS Safari.
  • Opera for Opera.
  • Safari for desktop Safari.
  • ExplorerMobile or ie_mob for Internet Explorer Mobile.
  • Android for Android WebView.
  • BlackBerry or bb for Blackberry browser.
  • ChromeAndroid or and_chr for Chrome for Android (in Other section, because mostly same as common Chrome).
  • FirefoxAndroid or and_ff for Firefox for Android.
  • OperaMobile or op_mob for Opera Mobile.
  • OperaMini or op_mini for Opera Mini.
  • Samsung for Samsung Internet.
  • UCAndroid or and_uc for UC Browser for Android.