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Preview Server

Prepros comes with a built-in server to preview your webpages. Prepros also reloads all browsers previewing your website automatically.

Preview Static HTML files

If your website consists only of static HTML files you can open Preview right away by hitting CTRL+L on Windows & Linux and CMD+L on macOS. No additional configuration is required.

Preview External Server

If your website has dynamic content that requires an external server such as XAMPP, MAMP, Shopify etc. You have to configure Prepros to show contents from that server. You can configure external server from the server popup.


Even after entering an external server url, You must use the preview url created by Prepros for automatic reload and browser synchronization to work.

Secure Preview

Secure Preview allows you to preview your websites with a HTTPS url. You can open Secure Preview by hitting CTRL+K on Windows & Linux and CMD+K on macOS. Prepros generates a self signed CA certificate locally on your computer and uses that to serve the content over TLS. Since the certificate is self signed, browsers show security warning when you open the Secure Preview. You can just ignore the certificate warning or install the certificate on your system's trust store to mark Prepros certificate as trusted.

  • Install Certificate on Your Computer

    Prepros can install the CA certificate with just a click on Windows and macOS. You have to save the certificate file and install it manually on Linux.

  • Install Certificate on Mobile Devices

    When you go to the certificate install area on the server popup, Prepros opens a certificate install dialog on all connected mobile devices. You can download the certificate from there and install it. This method uses the built-in server to transfer the certificate over HTTP. If you are on a public wifi network and don't want to use HTTP to transfer the certificate, you can save the certificate file then email it to yourself then install it from there.

  • iOS Devices

    I am working writing a tutorial for this. Please Google "Install CA Certificate iOS" in the meantime.

  • Android Devices

    I am working writing a tutorial for this. Please Google "Install CA Certificate Android" in the meantime.

  • Install Certificate on Firefox

    Firefox doesn't use system's certificate trust store so you have to instal the certificate manually.