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JS Concat & Minify

Prepros 6.0.16 had a bug that prevented Prepros from uglifying/minifying files. It's been fixed in the latest version but old projects must be configured manually to disable beautify. Please go to `Project Settings` -> `Other` -> `Uglify` then disable `Beautify` option.

File Options


  • Output Path

    Click the path to manually change the output path or use Output Settings to adjust output path for all less files.

  • Output File Suffix

    Go to Project Settings -> Compiler Setting -> Javascript then change edit Output Suffix from -dist to something else. Prepros needs output suffix to prevent from accidentally overwriting source file.

  • Auto Compile

    Enable this option to compile a file every time you save it in a code editor.

  • Sourcemap

    Enable this option to create a sourcemap (.map) file for easier debugging.

  • Iced

    Enable this option to use Iced CoffeeScript

  • Bare

    Enable this option to prevent coffeescript from wrapping output in a function.

  • Uglify JS & Mangle

    Enable this option to Uglify JS Code. Check Uglify JS help post to learn more.

Concatenating files

//@prepros-append statements can be used to append a file at the end of another file.

//@prepros-append first.js
//@prepros-append second.js
//@prepros-append third file.js
//@prepros-append fourth.min.js

//@prepros-prepend statements can be used to prepend a file at the begining of another file.

//@prepros-prepend first.js
//@prepros-prepend second.js
//@prepros-prepend third file.js
//@prepros-prepend fourth.min.js

The above file will output the concatenated form of first.js, second.js, third file.js and fourth.min.js.

Prepros also supports codekit style //@codekit-append and //@codekit-prepend statements.