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FTP & Export

Prepros can export the files in project folder or upload files via FTP or SFTP. Go to FTP tab in project view to see the list files that Prepros can upload. Prepros creates a history of deployed files and only uploads the modified files and deletes a file from server if it's deleted locally.

Export Files

If you don't want to use Prepros' built in FTP uploader. You can export files by clicking the export button. Prepros exports files in Prepros Export folder in the root of project folder.

Upload Files

Go to project settings to set FTP configuration. After that simply click upload button to upload files.

Ignore Files

Right click file in FTP history to ignore & prevent files from uploading.

FTP Settings

Go to project settings to change connection and uploader settings.

Automatically Upload Files

Prepros can automatically upload file on change. Go to FTP settings then enable Upload On Change option.