Prepros is a tool to compile LESS, Sass, Compass, Stylus, Jade and much more with automatic CSS prefixing, It comes with built in server for cross browser testing. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Develop with Ease

Compile Everything

Support for almost all languages such as less, sass, jade, stylus, coffee, haml also supports LIBSASS.

Automatic CSS Prefixing

Prepros comes with auto-prefixer to automatically prefix your CSS for cross browser compatibility.

Browser Refresh

Automatic refresh of browsers every time you edit a file. It also can refresh devices on a network.

Make Websites Super Fast

JS Concatenation

Concatenate and combine javascript files to reduce http requests.

File Minification

Minify files with ease to reduce bandwidth and load time.

Image Optimization

Losslessly optimize image to reduce bandwidth and load time.

Synchronized Testing

Scroll Sync

Cross browser synchronized scroll in real time. No complicated setup.

Click Sync

Synchronize clicks and other mouse events in real time.

Input Sync

Synchronize user input such as forms and other keyboard events in real time.

Debug & Test Like a Boss

Source Maps

Prepros generates source maps for compiled files that can help you to debug your sites.

Built in Server

Prepros has built in server that can be used to preview project without file url restrictions.

Works Across Multiple Devices

Preview and refresh project across mobiles and other devices connected to your network.

1 Click FTP Deployment

Users Love Prepros

I sincerely thank @sbspk for Prepros. It's awesome. You deserve many beers my friend. #prepros #scss
Mat Doidge
Who cares about using LESS, Sass, Jade or Haml, when using Prepros you don't ask such silly questions. Just code it the way you like and Prepros does the rest.
Janik Von Rotz
I love having a pre-processing tool that is fast & simple to use, without having to deal with all the command line nonsense.
Chris Lachance
Prepros is simple and powerful at the same time: compiling has become a breeze with it
Ronan Levesque

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